DOH Family

Central Office
The central office is composed of the Office of the Secretary and five major function clusters: Sectoral Management Coordinating Team, Internal Management Support Team, Policy and Standard Development Team for Regulation, Policy and Standard Development Team for Service Delivery, and Policy and Standard Development Team for Financing.

DOH Hospitals
Provides hospital-based care; specialized or general services, some conduct research on clinical priorities and training hospitals for medical specialization.

derby cockfighting:Attached Agencies
Attached agencies including the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Philippine National AIDS Council, Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care, Population Commission, Dangerous Drugs Board, and National Nutrition Council.

derby cockfighting:Libraries and Learning Resource Centers
Research and resource centers and offices like the DOH Central Library, the National Epidemiology Center Library, the DOH-DTTB-Pfizer Training and Learning Center other in-house resource units.